Online Dictionaries

How to Shop

1. Electronic Dictionaries

Our electronic dictionaries are only available on-line and are accessed through our software program you can download from our website. Registering on the website allows you seven free days of access to all our dictionaries. After this period you will need to purchase access to the desired dictionaries.

2. Buying access to the dictionaries

To purchase access to the dictionaries, first register or log-in on the website. Choose one or more dictionaries. We handle access through a subscription system, a subscription is good for one year. You may create accounts for multiple users. After completing your purchase, you may still change your mind and cancel as long as you do it before you pay for the purchase. There is a fee for cancellation after the payment is made - 10% of the purchase price, but 10 € at most.

3. Payments

Orders can be paid for using the following methods:

4. Delivery conditions

After logging-in, download the software for accessing the electronic dictionaries through the 'Downloads' menu. Launch the downloaded program, it will ask for your login and password. These are the same as you used for the website. Access to the dictionaries will be unlocked within two days after we receive your payment. If you paid with your credit card the purchased dictionaries will be available within a few minutes. We will send an invoice via email within the next 7 days. An invoice sent by post can be requested through the contact form on our site.

5. Complaints

Complaints can be filed through the contact form available under the menu 'Info'. You must be logged in when filing a complaint.