Online Dictionaries

Dictionary Software Licence Agreement

The end user license agreement for the dictionary software between you and the company QNELL, s.r.o.:

1. Usage Terms

You may copy the electronic dictionary software to any number of computers under the condition it will be used only by you or users registered at our web site. You may be logged in through the dictionary program only once at any given time. To access the dictionary service by mutliple users sub-accounts have to be created at our web site and proper access rights to the dictionaries have to be purchased for these accounts. This license permits you to use the program "normally", that means loading the program from the disk to the operating memory and executing it. Any other usage (like decompilation, disassemly or reverse engeneering) is prohibited. Using the dictionary software and the dictionary service by multiple users through one user account requires a special license and is not permitted otherwise.

2. Distribution of the Dictionary Software

It is not permitted to distribute the dictionary program without our written consent. The only legal way to gain access to the software is by registering at our web site and downloading it. The program is available for Windows and OS X. The source code is not part of the distribution. You are not permitted to change any part of the program or its data files. The exact hardware and software requirements for running the dictionary program are listed in the 'Downloads' section accessible by registered users.

3. Installations and Copies

It is not neccessary to install the dictionary program. It only has to be copied to a computer and launched from there. You may create backups and copy the program to computers as needed. The program requires an active Internet connection.

4. Transferring a User Account

The user account, including all its dictionary access purchases, can be tranferred to a third party only with a written consent from QNELL. You commit yourself not to share your user account access information (username and password). In case of abuse of the user account or if QNELL detects the user account is used in conflict with this license agreement we reserve the right to inform you of this fact and ask you to change your password. If you continue to break the license agreement we reserve the right to suspend or terminate your account with no refund.

5. Service Provider Obligations

QNELL guarantees to provide the service of the electronic dictionaries as long as there is at least one user with a paid account. We are also committed to removing serious software errors in the client program as well as on the server side. You understand that there is no such thing as an error free software program.

6. Service outages

QNELL will inform all its customers about any planned service outages via email and through the website in a timely manner. We are not responsible for circumstances outside our control that lead to service outages (e.g. a failing Internet connection or outages at the server provider).