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Privacy Statement

Personal Information

Any personal information you enter at our web site when registering or making purchases are solely used to provide the given service. This data will not be shared by third parties and will not be used commercially (e.g. sending advertisements).

Payment Data

The data required for making payments by credit card (name of the card holder, card number, expiration date and CV code) is entered securely at the web site of the payment institution and is not stored on our servers.

Information Collected while Using the Dictionary Software

The following data is stored on our servers when the dictionary service is accessed: the client's IP address, time of the last access and the client's operating system. This information is only used to check if the software is used in accordance to the license agreement. We also anonymously (without connecting the data to a specific user account) store the search expression when the dictionary could not find an answer.

Custom Dictionaries

The expressions the user enters into the custom dictionary are stored on our servers. Only the users defined within a user account can access them. We reserve the right to use the data entered to the custom dictionaries to enhance our dictionaries.

If you do not agree to this, you must let us know through the contact form on our web site (you must be logged in when making this request).